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through conversation, empathy & collaboration.

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How & Why Q Started...

Hi, I am Jenn Smith, founder of Q. I am a designer, writer, consultant and mama. 

Early adulthood was a challenge for me. I struggled with quite a bit, from depression, anxiety, failed marriages, trauma, raising 3 children as a single parent, illness and entrepreneurship all before the age of 40. Yes, you read that right, amidst this chaos, I started a business. 

When I faced the realization that my depression, anxiety and emotional scars were not going to disappear on their own, I added doses of daily motivation, inspiration, reading and listening to anything positive I could get my eyes and ears on. And after many years of therapy, I finally became self-aware that happiness is a choice. 

There were many instances throughout my journey, I had wished I had a mentor or someone, familiar with what I was going through. So when a colleague requested help with her already established business, I jumped at the opportunity. I was confident that I could provide basic business coaching; and in the areas I could not, I would connect her with resources (this was the encouragement I was looking for). Months later, her side business, is now her full-time business. 

From this experience, I gained insight into a common ground that many women share, feeling as if they are alone in their journey. This is the inspiration for Q—a platform for women to share conversation, encourage through empathy and collaborate with connection. Reminding each other we are not alone.

Who is Q for?

Q is an online platform, to encourage women of all ages to discover their passion, balance in life, and build a support system through conversation, empathy and collaboration. We welcome people who identify as women or non-binary women, and we rely on our members to sign up in good faith. If you decide the culture and mission is a fit for how you identify, you are invited to join.

A place for women to find or share their spark.

Every woman belongs.

What will you find in Q's community?

Here are some of the things you'll experience...

  • A secure community
  • Simple member discovery with features like Members Near You and Professions; the ability to create events or meet-ups in your community with other members
  • The opportunity to join sub-groups known as Q Table Talk, with specific topics like books, entrepreneurship, parenting, community service and more
  • People who identify as women or non-binary women, from a mix of professions, hobbies, ages, and backgrounds — providing a diverse perspective to the many facets of life's journey that we face as women
  • This community is stress-free and non-toxic; a safe zone, free of social media distractions 
  • 24/7 access to a secure community platform with a mobile app that makes it easy to use on-the-go


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